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Source: Daniel Son, 2019

The Georgia Tech Team

Regan Jones is a second year masters student at Georgia Tech studying City and Regional Planning. She is assisting with the Tourism and Housing studio team. In her (very rare) spare time, she enjoys watching football, reading, and baking cookies. She’s probably wearing a Nebraska shirt right now.
Curtis Tyger is a Masters student studying City and Regional Planning at Georgia Tech specializing in Environment & Health Planning. He is assisting the studio’s Environmental Team. Besides city planning, he also enjoys spending time with family and binge-watching Netflix series. His favorite song is “Momma” by Kendrick Lamar.
Sanskruti Joshi is a 2nd year Masters student studying transportation systems engineering. She is a part of the studio’s Transportation team. Apart from procrastinating, she loves working on transit planning and active modes of transportation (biking and walking — although she is too lazy to do either). She is an amazing artist with a very creative mind. She loves to travel, eat, and listen to music.
Regan Jones
Curtis Tyger   
Sanskruti Joshi

Deep Patel is a 2nd year dual degree master’s student studying both Civil Engineering and City Planning. He is specializing in transportation engineering/planning and he is assisting the studio’s Transportation group. Apart from being sassy, his hobbies include making GIS maps, hiking and watching TV shows (binge watching is his specialty). Deep loves Imagine Dragons and is a diehard MARVEL fan.
Leigh Huffman is a Masters student studying City and Regional Planning at Georgia Tech specializing in Environment and Health Planning. She is working on the studio’s Environmental Planning team. In addition to city planning, she enjoys swing dancing, cooking, and knitting.
Shashank Boddupalli is a 2nd year Graduate Student at Georgia Tech, pursuing a dual degree in Transportation Engineering and City Planning. He is a part of the Tourism and Housing team in the Varanasi Studio. Shashank notoriously has his feet in many doors, often butting into everyone’s conversations. His goal is to be involved in the revolutionary change gripping the transportation field, and he is optimistic for the future of cities in the developing half of the world.
Deep Patel
Leigh Huffman
Shashank Boddupalli
Tara Sidhu is a 4th year undergraduate student at Georgia Tech, majoring in Chinese and minoring in Sustainable Cities. She is assisting the studio’s Environmental Team. When she is not working hard in her city planning studio, she enjoys going for runs through Atlanta and listening to Chinese rap. Her current favorite Jeni’s ice cream flavor is Gooey Butter Cake.
Daniel Son is an aspiring urban planner who is passionate about affordable housing and community development for immigrant and refugee communities. He is part of the studio’s Tourism-Housing team and is excited to fully experience Varanasi. On weekends, you’ll find him exploring different Atlanta neighborhoods and eating everything along the way.
Chris (Chia-Huai) Chang is a Dual Degree Masters student in Civil Engineering and City & Regional Planning. He earned his B.S. in Civil Engineering at National Taiwan University. His research interest includes GIS, transportation and land use interactions, and travel demand modeling. Chris is a transit enthusiast and loves riding MARTA. He also collects transit passes and maps from all over the country. One of his proud achievements is touring the city of Los Angeles for three days solely on transit.
Tara Sidhu
Daniel Son
Chris (Chia-Huai) Chang

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